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Vengeance Series IIIA Ballistic Shield

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**Pricing reflects law enforcement agency price (LEAP) or individual officer purchasing price (IOP). Email for IOP qualifications.**

The Vengeance Series hard armor shield has been designed from the ground up with direct input from state, local, and federal law enforcement officers. Features include the patent pending VENGEANCE™ Viewport and the Elzetta Horizontal Handle system. The exclusive Vengeance Viewport provides an enhanced field of view compared to a standard rectangular viewport.

This "V" shaped viewport design provides enhanced peripheral vision both laterally (L-R) and vertically (Up-Down) giving a near 270-degree field of view. As the end-user maneuvers the shield within their environment, often requiring extreme angles to appropriately layer the shield with 3-dimensional cover such as vehicles, the Vengeance Viewport will provide a workable field of view that would be greatly diminished with a standard rectangle viewport. 


WMX1 - Tapered Lower
WMX2 - Full lower
WMX4 - "USMS Spec Cut" Reduced 23"W/34"H
WMX6 - "Gunfighter Cut" Top edge "V" cut for additional weapons mounting points

• Size / Weight:
(weight is approximate depending on cut, handle, and light)

18″ x 30″ / 11 lb.
20″ x 34″ / 13 lb.
24″ x 36″ / 15 lb.
24″ x 42″ / 17 lb.
24″ x 48″ / 19 lb.

• Patented VENGEANCE™ Viewport
• Rigid Carbon Fiber Handle
• Large Single Curvature Ballistic Torso Protection
• Hybrid Composite COREBOND® Structural Ballistics
• NIJ 0108.01 Rated IIIA and Special Threat Tested

• Color Options: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Multicam and Multicam Black
• Custom COREBOND® Large Format ID Lettering
• Elzetta TriDextrous or Straight Bar Handle Integrated 1000 Lumen LED
• Fox Fury Straight Bar Handle Integrated 1200 Lumen LED and Pressure Switch
• Fox Fury Auxiliary B30 600 Lumen LED Remote Pressure Switch
• Viewport Delete
• Shield Hook with MOLLE Attachment
• Shield Hook Sling Attachment
• Carry Bag

Made in the U.S.A.